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    Ron & Mary first traveled to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1999 and knew it was where we wanted to retire. In 2000 we returned to find a spot to begin that part of our lives as "Snow Birds", spending summers in Hawaii and winters in Colorado. We purchased a small farm with 100 year old heirloom coffee trees, but not cared for at the time. We had a Bulldozer clear the area on top of a cliff to make an area to process the coffee. In time we cut trees out that were not in rows and planted new trees where some trees were missing. We removed rock walls where pigs had been kept and filled small ditches, planting more coffee trees until we had 400 trees. 

    We pick the ripe coffee in small quantities every day throughout the season (usually lasting from the first of September through the end of April). The coffee berries are sorted, removing underripe and overripe berries. The coffee beans are pulped to remove the fruity skin from the coffee bean. Then the beans are placed in rainwater to naturally ferment overnight, removing the slippery fruit left in the pulping process. During fermentation any damaged, undeveloped or overripe beans float to the top of the vessel and are removed. 

    Once fermentation has ceased the coffee beans are rinsed in rainwater and placed in thin layers on a concrete deck for initial drying in the sun. After a few days the coffee beans are moved to a drying floor in the sun to furthet dry until the moisture content is 10%. Once dry the coffee, now called parchment, is put into plastic "grain pro" bags inside burlap bags and stored until further processing takes place.

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